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Tang Life Science is one of the most trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. We are headquartered at Tang Life Science Surat, Gujrat, India.

We are a global pharmaceutical manufacturing and exporting company with an excellent reputation for the effectiveness of our goods. Throughout the world, TANGS LIFESCIENCE is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical Products including capsules, tablets, Syrups,injections, pre-filled syringes, Suspensions and disposable items across the world.

TANGS LIFESCIENCE has demonstrated a great performance in the healthcare sector, backed by the efforts of a highly committed management team and staff that work tirelessly to serve our customers everywhere.

We offer cutting-edge manufacturing facilities that have received accreditation for WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2015. The facilities are all outfitted with cutting-edge technology.

Whether a client requests that we develop a new drug, adapt or improve an existing product, or boost the current manufacturing capacity of a specific pharmaceutical, our infrastructure and skilled staff are always prepared to handle any request.

We have a strong product line that includes medications in all of the major therapeutic categories, including antibiotics, antimalarials, antivirals, antifungals, anticancer, antihypertensive, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, NSAIDs, painkillers, anticoagulants, antiprotozoal, anaesthetics, antiallergic, antidiabetic, antacid, antidiarrheal, laxative, antias.

The company currently manufactures and exports more than 100 products and keeps on expanding our portfolio in global market
Contract manufacturing and third-party manufacturing are two of our areas of expertise, and we make sure to manufacture the necessary pharmaceutical medications and make them conveniently available to the market.

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Tangs Lifescience currently offers more than 150 items. We have always put a priority on enhancing community health by providing reliable, effective products.


Tangs Lifescience is renowned for its moral and expert business practices. We offer medications that have been authorised by the relevant authorities and adhere to all established legal guidelines.


The cornerstone pillars of Tangs Life science are Service, Integrity, quality, Customer Satisfaction, & Innovations.

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