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Powder free nitrile Gloves – Tangs Life Science

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Powder free nitrile Gloves

Palms Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves are manufactured using synthetic Nitrile latex, offering high resistance to chemicals and are puncture resistant. They are powder free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Uncompromised quality control ensures that each glove provides maximum protection against infections while providing superior comfort.
Product Features
MaterialNitrile Rubber
ColourX-Small, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large
ImpermeabilityAQL 1.5
DesignFlat and Ambidextrous
Cuff Rolled Rim
EN 455
Powder content Nil
Sterilization Non Sterile.
Labeling As per the sample picture in site following all legal rules and regulations / As per customer requirement
Shelf Life 3 years from the date of manufacture.
Storage condition Shall be stored in cool dry place and away from direct light, chemicals , oil etc.
Packaging Details
Inner Box 100 pcs
Master Carton 1000 pcs (10 inner boxes)
20 feet container20,50,000 pcs (2050/1025 Cartons)
40 feet HC container45,00000 pcs (4500/2250 Cartons)